Our Customers

Our customers come from all walks of life and they all have different uses for our service.

  • Jason from Dallas, TX uses us to keep his 2000 Audi A6 running. We've helped him change his clutch, his front suspension and helped him stop his car from shaking at every stop light. All together, we've saved him more than $4,000 dollars in repair bills(those Audi repair bills are brutal).
  • Linda from Forest Park, GA uses us to keep her 2002 Civic in tip top shape. Before using our service, the only car related problem she tackled was changing her headlight bulbs. But thanks to the clear instructions she got from one of our mechanics she managed to change out her transmission when it blew at 80K miles(never changed transmission fluid). Thanks to us, she turned a $2,800 job into a $160 weekend project. That's $160 including parts, since we helped her find a nice low mileage transmission nearby.
  • Aaron from Brooklyn, NY uses us to modify his 2004 Acura RSX. He's been a loyal customer ever since we've rescued him from a turbo kit installation project gone horribly wrong(the instructions he was following were missing a crucial step). We've also helped him install his exhaust, his coilovers and his roll cage.
  • Kyle from Goldsboro, NC uses us to save time. Instead of wasting half a day trying to figure out what's wrong with his car, he just contacts us and we do all the research for him.
  • Judith from Anaheim, CA uses us for our knowledge. We've helped her find a good deal on a set of all season tires to fit her budget, and used our knowledge to help her find a reliable car for her daughter under $5K. But most importantly we gave her the peace of mind about owning an older car. She knows that when it breaks down, we'll be here for her.

Whether you need help with a project or just plain want to save a lot of money on car repairs, our service will help you get the peace of mind about owning your car.